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Indian Head Massage and Reflexology
Indian Head Massage is a practice based on the Ayurvedic techniques of ancient India. The massage involves work on the head, upper back, shoulders, neck, arms, scalp and face.
It is gentle,safe and non-invasive and is of benefit to almost everyone. Indian Head Massage is administered fully clothed, therefore mny people find it less intrusive than a full body massage.
Overall Benefits
Relaxation of the whole person
Relief from stiffness in neck and shoulders
Dispersal of toxins from tense knotted muscles
Relief from eyestrain and tension headaches.
Improved sleep patterns
Higher levels of concentration
Sense of calmness, peace and tranquility.
Regular treatments can help to improve the following conditions
Tinitus, Sinusitis, Migraine.
Reflexology is another method of treatment to relax or revitalise you. Normally work is conducted on the feet,at CenScot we work mainly on the hands as many potential clients are put off by the thought of having their feet touched.
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