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CenScot Therapies are pleased to announce that we now provide Reiki therapies as part of our services to clients.
Reiki Treatments are available at our Therapy Suite and also home visits by arrangement.
Reiki can be administered by a hands on method with no need for any undressing, it can also be administered remotely.
Reiki utilises the universal healing energy to relax the recipient and provide healing or pain relief for many ailments. It has been shown to have many beneficial effects and is now in use in certain areas of the NHS for helping cancer patients.
We are happy to provide taster sessions for people who are new to this kind of therapy.
Full sessions last about one hour, 45 minute shorter sessions are also available. Please note that if you present with a particular problem and that has been dealt with during the session we reserve the right to complete the session earlier than the advertised amount of time.
For prices please see our FeeStructure page.
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