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Many people have experienced miraculous changes in their lives as a result of using hypnosis in order to change unwanted or limiting behaviours.
Hypnosis is a natural state similar to daydreaming or working on "automatic pilot" which are feelings you will probably have experienced many times before. Hypnosis can be safely used in a therapy setting to allow you to change your habits, beliefs or attitudes and thereby can help improve your life.
By communicating with your sub conscious (the part of the brain that controls all aspects of your life automatically) we are able to re programme your mind set for your benefit.
Hypnotic suggestion may be directed towards:
Limiting behaviours: Includes medical conditions like IBS and sleep apnoea..
Smoking Cessation: We provide a process guaranteed to stop you smoking for 1 year which includes a free follow up session should you start again within that year.
Weight Management & Weight Loss: Various programmes available depending on desired amount of loss. Please note we no longer deal with Gastric Band Hypnosis due to the number of cut price charlatans offering short cut, unsafe treatments.
Confidence Building:
Anxiety and Stress Management;
Change Your Life Today
Hypnotherapy sessions normally conducted at our Therapy suite in Mid Calder or on Skype.
Some treatments i.e. Stress Management can be conducted at home or in the workplace.

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